Brand New

So I’ve taken the giant leap over from blogger, to my brand new wordpress, and this is the christening post.  Take this time to bookmark – This blog will fill the exact same job as my old one, just a bit tidier and straight to the point. Its appearance may change several times in the next few weeks.

I’ll be posting my projects, other peoples projects and any other interesting information as regularly as possible. Keep your eyes peeled as there is some pretty big news to be released shortly. For now I dedicate this piece of internet to some random photos that have built up on my hard drive, since about April this year.

Artist Rob Tucker and his speed boat
I ended up living with professional artist Rob Tucker in Auckland, he was quite fond of his speed boat.

Dinghy in the viaduct
Cruising through the Auckland viaduct on a sunny morning.

Jennifer Pierce
I’d often play taxi to the Auckland airport. I snapped this photo whilst dropping my older sister off for her big overseas adventure

I ended up making a little video on one cold morning at the  Mangere bridge.

I can vividly remember the bitterly cold breeze.

On my migration south for the winter, I filmed a little video called ‘inbetween‘ along the way. The salt flats just outside of Blenheim were particularly eerie on this day.

Early Season in the Southern Lakes we were plagued with bitterly cold temperatures and the inversion layer. Here it chokes Queenstown completely.

The Remarkables escape.

Underneath the inversion, seagulls on a foggy day at Lake Wanaka

Breakfast is always the best time of the day. From left, Jamie Piggins, Antony Piggins, Myself & Stef Zeestraten

Clich’e Lake Wanaka Sunrise

Joram Makuru signs off a fun powder day at Treble Cone


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