Who in there right mind would ever come up with an idea, to throw New Zealands best snowboarders into a ring and make them box? – Robett Hollis. The first fightnight went down at a top secret boxing ring located somewhere in the South Island of New Zealand. Our best snowboarders, drinkers and mungrels scrapped it out for nothing but respect from the boys.

Take away the snowboard strapped to their feet, the layers of way too baggy bright colored all over print outer ware, and peel it down to whats left, pure testosterone fueled fury. Here’s a few photos from one hell of an interesting night, look out for the 2nd Maori downhill soon!

Pre Fight, Nick Brown gets a jab in on Collin Barlet.

Stef Z was excited to see some boxing go down.

Mitch Brown, Nick Brown, Rob Mitchel and Robett Hollis.

Pre fight claims. Antony Piggins and Jamie Piggins.

Get the shot Pablo!

Colin Barlet mid fight.

Nick Brown


Browner mimics the poster in the background. Sweaty red man love.


The heavy weight fight, Rob Mitchel – DERO


VS Jeremy Thorns – DERO


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