Altnmarkt – > Salzburg – > Tux

The view from our Hotel in Altnmrkt

After 5 days of hanging out in Altnmrkt, Jossi and I drove to Tux this morning. ( About a 2.5 hour drive ) We’re going to be based here for the weekend, hopefully riding and shooting on the Hintertux Glacier. We’re staying in the same hotel as Bobby Brown, Russ Hanshaw and Drax, been good to hang out with crew again. The weather was average today so we’ve been shralpin waterslides in Mayrhofen, skating and hanging. Heres a few photos from our trip, along with some photos from a trip to Salzburg a couple of days back.

Jossi booking it on the Autobahn.

Buildings in Salzburg

My feet, some biker, Salzburg.

Street Artist Salzburg

Street reader Salzburg

Sreet Biker, Salzburg

Big Gondola! Mayrhofen

The boys in Mayrhofen. From Left, Russ Henshaw, Bobby Brown, Jossi Wells & Drax


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