Hello Berlin

The calmest person I’ve traveled with.

Here’s another quick update courtesy of the iphone! Mr Wells and I arrived in Berlin this afternoon. We trained from Kitzbuhel to Munich ( missed one train, but still managed to get another ), then jumped on a plane from Munich. We had a quick walk around this arvo and immersed our selves in the street grime. Berlin has some flavour! We’ve got two days here before Freestyle.berlin kicks off, so I’ll be catching up on computer work and being a tourist!

Jossi has the ability to sleep within seconds, on any form of transport.

Munich airport, pretty sure our Taxi driver jipped us!

The freestyle.berlin posters. The event is in an old airport which should be epic! Over 100,000 people expected! Heavy.

Berlins contemporary art/graffiti is amazing, any imaginable surface gets covered.

I’ve had enough of trains for today.


2 responses to “Hello Berlin

  1. I was in Berlin 2 weeks ago and too the same picture of the grafiti in the middle of the water.
    wish i was there his weekend!
    Good luck Jossi.

  2. Thats crazy Joris! Jossi is gonna kill it this weekend.

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