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I must say it feels pretty amazing to write this update from a table with a beautiful view of Wanaka. Trips away often make me realize how much I take this country for granted.

My 3 weeks in Europe were an absolute blast. I had so many amazing experiences and gained a handful more stories to tell over a beer at the pub.

This post has a whole bunch of photos from Freestyle.Berlin and the trip home. I’ll be playing catch up for a few days now. Winter of Wells Episode 8 will be dropping in shortly.

Prior to Freestyle.Berlin kicking off Jossi and I delved into some shopping and found our selves extremely out of place. Check out the label line up.

Epic Vogue Covers.

The riders bus to Freestyle.Berlin. Josiah, Bobby Brown, Myself, Drax, Russ and someone else.

Russ Henshaw gets the shot for his blog

Bobby Brown is one of the most entertaining characters I have met. The 18 year old American had us in fits of laughter for the entire trip. He also never took that flannel off.

Bene Mayr is also good value. He’s one of Jossis fellow Atomic team mates and holds it down for the Euros.

Whilst I was at Hintertux Glacier I met Tom Elliot, who films and edits At I teamed up with him and helped out with an interview for Method. Here he is shooting the Swatch press conference with my HVX.

The one and only Rasmus from Method. An interesting charcter who knows how to party!

Tom and Rasmus start capturing in the media monkeys room. The support for Media at both freestyle events was amazing.

At the Swatch press conference they announced the release of one of their new watches. I didn’t really get what the big deal was with the watch, but the food in the swatch lounge was unbeatable.

Interviewing Mr Nicholas Mueller, and the newly appointed Swatch President for Rasmus asked questions about ‘time’ and the replies got extremely deep and meaningful. Swatches new president just stepped in from managing Calvin Klein. What does cologne and Watches have in common?

Stock standard I-snap of the HVX on location. Exact same scaffolding as at Zurich, this time in an abandoned airport in Berlin. Amazing venue, my video content will fill you in on this.

I also got to meet up with Peter Meyers who is the project manager at Freecaster. Got to hang out and check out the live streaming studio to see where it all went down.

Henrik Harlaut with his game face on prior to taking out the mens free skiing with a super clean dub cork 12. This young buck is one of the best park skiers in the world, and never rolls any clothing smaller than 5xl. He has extenders on his suspenders so the crutch on his pants hangs at his ankles.

Jon Olsson at Berlin Airport after the event. Mixing ‘business with pleasure’. Peep his blog to see the work that he puts down with his filmer Crill. I think its astonishing that he can get Calvin Klein to advertise on his blog, the day this happens to me, I will retire.

Andreas Hatveit at check in. Andreas is another of Jossis fellow Atomic team mates and one really cool dude.

Jossi on the last flight back to Wanaka after 38 hours of straight traveling. Its all a bit of a blur.

The pilots touch down the plane in Wanaka.


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