Cutting Shapes

The leading Machine in Halfpipe Shaping Technology – NZ Made.

One of my first projects since I’ve returned to NZ, is helping out John Melville at Development SnowParks with a DVD outlining his halfpipe shaping machine. Some of you will know that I filmed a DVD for him last year on this machine. Alot has changed in the past year so it was time to film another version. This time shorter, slicker, and outlining different features of the machine. We ended up shooting the video all rather rushed within a few hours on a sunny afternoon – Never the less, we’ve got the goods and I’ll be putting the edit together over the next couple of weeks.

I’m proud to be supporting a kiwi designed and engineered product that is taking the world by storm. This shaper will be cutting the best pipes around the world and progressing pipe riding to new levels.

22 foot of Halfpipe Shaping Machine, somehow hanging on to the front of a regular park bully.

The creator  – John Melville

The Shaper in its environment. This is late October at Cardrona and there is still a world class 22 foot pipe in good condition. Legit.

John and I compare our tripods, Laser Guidance system for the Global Cutter VS manfrotto.

Development SnowParks leading the way with the Global Cutter!


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