Opening Banks & Skateboarding

jossidubforwestpac copy
Jossi Wells throws up a dub for WestPac.

I’ve been back and forth over the crown range alot recently, the distance in between my house and the Frankton Wildbean seems to be getting closer. Yesterday I went over to catch up with a few people, and it just so happened that Mr Wells was opening a bank. Why might you ask? Jossi won a sports award from Westpac last year, so he was helping them out. The new Westpac is part of a bunch of new buildings at Frankton. Jossi did a little speech, answered a few questions, then we went and filmed skating all day. I’ll be doing something with the footage in the future.

rizbumfluff copy
Byron Wells was there. Sporting 2 months of teenage facial hair proudly.

Jossi Iphone snap of me at the skatepark. We shot a whole bunch of ledge stuff.

beechnjoss copy
Beech Thurlow Meyer was also there. Wanakas best skateboarder for sure. We got a bunch of video clips in the bag.

Me filming a line with Beech on some brand new benches at the Queenstown School.

Jossis ‘subtle’ stickering on his car.


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