Goodbye Wanaka

Its come to that time of year again! I’m in between seasons with nothing tying me to any place in particular. I’m moving back up to Auckland for a couple of months. I’ll be chilling out there, and working on some different projects before heading to the snow in early January. We took it to the Trout ( Our local bar ) last night, for a couple of quiets to conclude another season in Wanaka. Quite a different affair to my 21st just over a year ago.

Trout Holds it down. Mish & Anna have kept us liquored all season.

The multi talented Matt White was there. Need a skate box? Need art? Need furniture? Need a groomer? Dogger can do it all.

I’ve been shooting a bunch of skating with Beech Thurlow Meyer lately. Although he won’t smile for the camera, hes been stomping on his skater. An edit will be out soon!

Luke Gain from Quest gives the Monteiths the praise of approval.

Mr Wells also snuck in, along with Joram Makuru.

Bevan Hall, Penny Adams and myself. A few beers in.

My camera dissapeared for a while. This was one of the surprise images.


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