TVNZ Promo // Jim Hickey

Yesterday I had the pleasure of working on a unique job. Our good friends at NZgreenroom tee’d me up with going to shoot promotional material for TV1 News. The brief was to go out with a news crew, and shoot ‘behind the scenes’, in an artistic/stylish manner. I.e, lots of rack focuses, pull zooms, 50 frame slow motions and what not, which is exactly my style of shooting!

Little did I know I’d be hanging out with the one and only Jim Hickey for most of the day in a small boat in the middle of the ocean. It was an epic day, I think I got some good shots. Not sure when the footage will be used but if I can find it online I’ll link it up. Here’s some snaps from the day.

First stop of the day, Dream Boats Hanger. From left producer Konrad, Jim Hickey, and Dream Boats guy!

This was out vessel for the day. A small ‘walk around’ boat. Made it pretty tough to find interesting angles!

Jim holds on, it got a little choppy!

Token HVX shot.

One news live set up for 6pm broadcast.

A massive stingray was cruising round the shoot. I managed to get a pan off this monster to the crew broadcasting. Epic!

Jim signs off in a sweet blazer.


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