T-Whites Bikes turns 1!

On Saturday I rolled over to Twhites Bikes very first birthday. Twhites is one of the best bike shops I’ve seen in NZ, tonnes of flavour and jaz, along with bikes of all different descriptions. A shop that really embraces the whole ‘cycling’ culture. A tonne of people turned up to hang out and ride a jump box straight outside so I snapped a few pics. Congrats for your first year running Tim, and keep it up.

The man himself, Tim White sporting one dope birthday cake!

An image I took of Mikey Lefebvre in Wanaka last year, that’s up for sale on T-Whites walls.

132 Symonds St, Newton, Auckland. Get Some!

The box jump set up. Forget this kids name.. dipped 3. ( If you know, please let me know )

Louis Bolter, one foot flat.

Red bike guy… Clicked.

Mike Davies was there, in full birthday spirit.

Louis, silhouetted Tbog.

Shredder kid whip!


2 responses to “T-Whites Bikes turns 1!

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  2. Yo Tim, Dipped three was Jaden Leeming.. kid is good!
    Rad photos.
    Might see you in Taupo.

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