Musician Feature – Scott Sullivan.

I’ve decided to do some regular features on the musicians who very generously donate there music to be used in my projects. Without there support I wouldn’t be making any videos. Music is such a huge part of action sports and is a massive inspiration for me. I’ll be posting these features randomly in my spare time.

The first musician to feature is none other than the very talented Scott Sullivan. I have used his music in a bunch of episodes including the following – Benny Bright , Quest Banked Slalom Bonus, Nixon/Billabong Bro Down, Cardrona Park Crew along with Winter of Wells Episode 7.

Scott Sullivan

So where the hell do I start with Scott? Scott Sullivan is one incredibly talented man who seems to take to anything creative. I took an interest in his music after hearing it in a teaser for one of Rene Blickinsfreie films, ‘From Romania with Love‘. Besides being an incredibly talented musician he has been a cinematographer for Absinthe Films, and a photographer for Snowboarder Magazine. Two very respectable companies within the snowboard industry. Not only has he shot with the worlds best snowboard athletes but his music has also featured in films such as Optimistic from Absinthe, and In Short by David Benedek.

Scott not only documents snowboarding, but surfing too.

Scotts music is very easy on the ear. I like to listen to it when I’m chilling – lots of nice soothing vocals and guitar chords are now nestled in my brain. They remind me of good times snowboarding with buddies. He has produced three albums to date which are all available from his website, and itunes. They have all become regular on my playlists. I’m stoked on Scotts projects and how he spreads his talent around. To find out much more and purchase his music go visit his site.


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