‘No Photos Please’ Exhibition, Unitec – Auckland

Today I had the pleasure of going and checking out the ‘No Photos Please’ exhibition at Unitec in Auckland. The exhibition contains images from the students that have done a diploma in photography at Unitec. Outside of this there is also all sorts of art and visual installments displayed throughout different levels of the buildings. Plenty to look at! The Unitec also is the home of alot of very good bmx spots, I shot alot of images with George and Louis Bolter there.

One of my friends Tiffany Morgan did her assignment as a book titled ‘snow diaires’ which documents her years following snowboarding. It featured alot of iconic people from the New Zealand snowboard scene and was a very interesting read. An amazing effort!

Tiffany Morgan, Stoked!

Shelly Gotlieb features in Tiffanys book. Here she reads over her pages.

The whole exhibition was very interesting and definitely worth a look. Below are the details, make sure you go check it out if you can.
26 + 27 November 10am to 6pm
28 November 10am to 4pm
Building 1, Entry 1, Carrington Rd, Mt Albert

And a snap shot from outside unitec. All these images were taken on my iphone with application ‘toy camera’.


One response to “‘No Photos Please’ Exhibition, Unitec – Auckland

  1. Thanks Tim! Pleasure to have you there.

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