Red Bull Illume.

Its fair to say that Red Bull has helped to push the progression of almost every action sport through events and support that they provide. They have also provided several photographers and film makers with not only an income, but support to push there creativity by creating original projects. Red Bull started the gigantic energy drink trend and it never ceases to amaze me what project concepts they turn into reality.

In 2007 Red Bull came to the table with a photography competition to celebrate action sports, the Red Bull Illume. Red Bull Illume 2010 is currently open for submissions. ( Submissions close Feb 28, 2010 ) . Its going to be phenomenal! There are 10 categories to enter images into and with a Leica S2 camera and equipment to the value of €30,000 up for grabs for the winner I’m sure we’ll see some amazing images. I’m going to enter some of my existing images into Illume, and also use it as an excuse to go get artistic on some fresh images. Check it out –

I’ve been doing some work with Redbull lately, and they gave me this Illume package. It really gets me psyched to see them teaming up with memory card company Sandisk to produce a nice little package with custom card reader.


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