Musician Feature – Hasan Salaam

Hip Hop is one of the most motivating forms of music for me. Nothing gets me more amped than cranking the speakers up when I’m editing and bopping away to some heavy hip hop bass. ( My parents learned this the hard way ) I’m stoked to have come across Hasan Salaam, and been able to use his music over the past few years. I first got to know Hasans music when I worked with Chris Arnison on my first ever film project, a mountainbike movie ‘How About It’. We used ‘concrete watercolours’ in a bonus part with Wyn & Eddie Masters.

Hasan Salaam

If you watch any of my work within Snowboarding & Skiing you will have heard Hasans beats. I’ve used his music in MDTV, and most recently the Winter of Wells. Hasan has three albums to date which you can purchase on line at itunes, each one is worth every cent.

Hasan performing in Portland.

Hasans music is honest and raw. Some of you may get offended by listening to it, but all his lyrics run true. Whilst they may be far fetched for a white camera geek like myself to relate to, I still enjoy listening to them. Hasan is producing music for himself. ‘I’m not in this music game to make a mill. I’m not trying to be raps savior or to rock diamonds our brothers and sisters are losing their limbs and lives over. I’ve never sold a kilo and if I did I wouldn’t help the D.A.’s office out by detailing it in a mixtape 16.’

Hasan in 15 minutes. I used this track to open Winter of Wells 2009.

Hasan has rocked shows with a bunch of heavy hitters including Dead Prez, Common, Busta Rhymes, Saigon, Talib Kweli, The Rza, The Gza & Slick Rick just to name a few. He’s constantly travelling to gigs all around the world and I look forward to using more of his music in the future. If your into hip hop, do your self a favour and get some!

‘Do trust I am nowhere close to an end, everyday I wake up hungrier and sharper than the day before, ready for war. ‘
– Hasan Salaam


One response to “Musician Feature – Hasan Salaam

  1. Hasan Salaam has some BANGER joints.

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