Chase Jarvis has to be one of the most inspirational people I have found online within the creative industry. Ryan McCrae bought up his name down in Taupo which prompted me into a quick google search the following day. Within minutes of finding his site I was captivated, what an incredible breath of fresh air.

Chase has successfully branded and driven his own name into a super star status, needing 5 people to represent and work with along side him in an incredible studio that would make anyone envious. His portfolios and campaigns within photography are out standing. He seems to have an amazing abbilty to turn all of his creative concepts, into viable business projects. A vital link that any professional within the media industry trys to harness. Very few succeed at this level.

Chases commercial photography.

I have even learned many lessons from Chases website in itself. I think its a perfect example of how to present any online media portfolio. His introductory paragraph and video features on the ‘chase’ page leave an amazing impression. His blog is a business in its self, gets ridiculous views and the content is very interesting, a must to bookmark.

One very interesting project of Chases is outlined in the above video. Chase produced a photography book from photos off his iphone, along with developing an iphone application called ‘the best camera’. The application enables people to edit their photos extensively on their phones, and with one click upload to several different places. I love the fact that its something almost anyone can do, and encourages photography and the sharing of images as our technology develops. I’m inspired and its time to get my thinking cap on!


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