Birds Eye.

I have some sort of uncontrollable craving to take images from above at any opportunity presented to me, it’s such a simple angle that always produces such unique results. Every time I fly back into Wanaka, I love seeing the town from above. It gives me such a new light on a place I have lived for so long. I had a bit of time up my sleeves in the city yesterday and decided to head up the sky tower.

Despite the heavy $28 admission fee it was well worth it. It was amazing being able to see Auckland in 360 degrees. All the hecticness of the motorways and streets seem so far away. I had my SLR on me, so I clicked off a few. I plan to return there with new kit shortly and camp out for a day, so many images to take.

Auckland CBD

Standing on Auckland

Auckland Harbour Bridge and a Fuller Ferry

Devenport and Rangiatoto

The Spaghetti. Shot on a lensbaby.

Man and Woman going opposite ways in a patch of light.

Large trucks look like toys at an intersection

Auckland Parking

Queen/Victoria St and Santa

Fullers ferry and reflections of buildings in the opposite direction.

A tourist taking it in.

TVNZ Broadcasting

Half Reflection, Half Street.

Whilst walking the streets I also experimented with a few ‘zoom blurs’. Achieved by using a slow shutter, and zooming out on a zoom lens whilst releasing the shutter. I played around with this years ago, but have just got fond of them again.

And the old steam boat tied up at Devenport on my trip home.


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