Global Cutter DVD

Shortly after I returned from Europe in November I posted up a blog on shooting a DVD for Development Snowparks. I had filmed a DVD for Development Snowparks in 2008 but since then the machine has been re-branded and I was asked to shoot another DVD with a slightly different approach. Rather than explain the halfpipe building process, this time around we delve into the details of exactly how the machine works.

Development SnowParks Global Cutter – Shaping Technology

As always before I take on any shoot I discuss a brief with the client and story board together some sort of plan in my mind. How ever as much planning as you do you always run into variables that you can’t control, this was a prime example. We ended up having about a quarter of the time I initially thought to shoot this project. I think one of the best best skills within video production is the ability to control the situation as this is happening and being able to run with it. Often this is when amazing spontaneous and creative moments happen. Dispite the lack of the time we had to shoot, I’m happy with the end result. So go on you know you want to go buy a halfpipe cutter… Or at least tell someone about how rad this machine is!

Big thanks to Piers Harding from Switchstyle Productions for authoring the DVD.


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