Colby James West

Colby James West on the Denver news.

I had the pleasure of meeting the one and only Colby James West out at this year, and was constantly amused by this guys sense of humor. Colby can always bring a laugh to any dry situation, his interview on the Denver news above is a prime example. Its rad to see a professional athlete that doesn’t do a stock standard interview for main stream television but instead just takes the piss.

The clip above is the team USA entry to JOSS from 2009, as talked about in the news interview. Another example of West Humour. Its not confirmed but I should be representing NZ & OZ with Russ Henshaw and Jossi Wells at next years event in Norway. I don’t think we’re gonna make a rap video though.

It seems that Colby is going to make a go of some sort of acting, or being a comedian, or personality or something. He’s launched which has a bunch of very amusing clips on it. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a guest appearance in the ‘Winter of West’ in 2010.


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