Productivity Investment

My pride and joy, Sunbeam EM3800 coffee machine nestled in my flats shelf.

Anyone who knows me will know how passionate I am about coffee, the worlds best social lubricant. I fiend for a good cup of coffee for many reasons. Whether it be to aid waking up in the morning, sustaining rigorous hours of computer work, keeping me awake on the road whilst traveling, business meetings, or just for the pure enjoyment of foamy milks texture and coffees taste.

Due to feeling slightly guilty after years of buying take away coffees every day, I figured it would be a huge investment in productivity to purchase my very own coffee machine. Whilst I wanted to paint the town red, I controlled my self and purchased the Sunbeam EM3800. At only $270 this machine is extremely affordable and can produce a cup of coffee that tastes good enough to keep me away from Wildbean.

Frothing milk and taking a photo at the same time proved to be quite a challenge.

It even has lights that illuminate.

And the final result. I successfully polished this off in the time of writing the blog post.


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