Auckland Airport

I stated in my previous post that I would be not posting so much over the christmas break. This feeble attempt lasted just over 24 hours! This either means my work is my life, or I’m addicted to blogging, or I have no life. Probably all three are correct!

My flight was delayed in Auckland airport, so in the comfort of a chair whilst drinking a coffee I snapped a few photos of what was happening on the other side of the window. I am always thoroughly amused by airports, perhaps one day I’ll produce a book on images from different airports.

A trolly just for cones.

Advanced luggage delivery system. Perhaps this is why your luggage gets lost, or is late, or is damaged?

A pilot sets off for a day of work, not your every day job.

Taking the plane for a walk.

So typically New Zealand. A tractor dragging off a Boeing 737.

Departures and Arrivals.

I’ve been working with Air New Zealand lately. An exciting press release will be out in the New Year to fill you in!


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