Mike Davies & The Wazman

With a spare afternoon up my sleeve last week I decided to give Mike Davies a call to go snap some more test shots on the 5dMII. It was the first action shoot for the new toys, and I’m still finding my way around the gear. We headed to some of the older bowls in Auckland, which are some very interesting spots that I have wanted to check out for a long time. Wazman also joined in.

Mike Davies , one cool dude that has a bunch of talent behind a camera himself. Follow Mike at Zombie, and on his personal blog.

Mike in the deep end with a tooth at Lynfield.

Tooth Angle B.

Wazman clicks it out

Mike with a heavy disaster. Thats some crazy transition.

Mike and Wazman in the snake run

Hooking back around the snake run

The Newlynn snake run.

Wazman boosting. Check it out, even the tree is tagged up.

Mike with a creative foot plant.


Wazman boosts through the snakerun

And we’re out.


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