5DMKII testing

Canon 5DMKII test reel from a few hours in Auckland

So I’ve uploaded a little test reel from my Canon 5DMKII. My initial problems of ‘jerkyness’ came down to my conversion from the native files off the camera, to Pro Res. Note that even if you have a very fast operating system, you will not be able to view the native files on your computer smoothly. How ever once they are converted to pro res ( correctly ) they will view smooth. The above reel is converted from H264 to Apple Pro Res 422HQ, and then edited in final cut pro in a 30p timeline. It was then exported and converted from 30p to 25p using Cinema Tools and Compressor. I still don’t quite have this conversion dialed though as there is ghosting appearing on the action shots in the 25p version that isn’t there in 3op. I am not sure why this is happening.

Anyway, its all learning curves but I’ll have it dialed soon. It’s far from my best work but figured it was worth a share. The quality of the high res footage off this camera is amazing, and there is so much control over depth of field with the canon lenses. When Canon releases the firmware update for the Canon5dMKII and I can shoot straight to 25p my workflow will be alot easier!

The track used in the clip is by my good friend Erow! Check his music out – www.myspace.com/erowbeats


2 responses to “5DMKII testing

  1. looks sick Tim. love ya work. thanks for the info as well. I’m trying to work out the film on my M11 right now

  2. Cheers Vaughn. I was stoked to see your behind the scenes, thats rad. Lets skype out geek/tech talk on it! I’m in Colorado now and start shooting with it tomorow…

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