Traveling light

I’m becoming more and more accustomed to packing my bags as I start to spend more days of every year traveling. It’s a skill that seems to build up over time, yet it is never easy. Miraculously a large amount of gear somehow fits into small bags, you remember most of your important pieces of equipment and manage to avoid nasty overweight baggage fees.

This trip sees me packing more equipment than ever before. My kit contains photography gear, flash gear, video gear, sound gear, computer gear, snowboard gear and my clothing. A rather overwhelming pack. I’m away for over three months of traveling between America and Europe shooting mainly snowboarding and skiing. A huge thanks goes out to one of my main clients and partners in crime Atomic, for there support.

Above is my photography equipment, flash equipment, video equipment, tripods, computer gear and a whole bunch of cords/accessories. I find it best to completely un pack everything, and re pack it for each individual trip depending on what gear needs to be accessed during flights and transit.

Photographers insurance is often a tricky one especially whilst traveling globally. I can recommend Rob at Insuranz. They provide specific photographers insurance with global cover at an affordable price, along with a variety of other packages. Travel insurance and the best flights from Jane at Flight Centre Wanaka go down a treat, and hand me down bags from friends and family tie it all together.

All of my kit somehow fits into this. Two carry on bags, ( One laptop, one camera bag ) two on plane bags and one snowboard bag. Wollah.

So the next 3 months are gonna be extremely exciting and busy for me. You should see this blog pick up dramatically, my twitter will be full of photos and absurd comments, along with my web video content sprawling throughout a network of sites. Expect to see the first Winter of Wells Episode of 2010 dropping around Jan25th.


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