Auckland – > LAX – > Denver – > Frisco

Peace out New Zealand

Within the space of 24 hours, I went from chilling on Takapuna beach to getting all wrapped up in the cold in Colorado. I got in a couple of days back and have been sorting my set out up, managed to score a sweet room in Frisco. My rough schedule sees me here for the next 5 days, then off to Aspen for Xgames for a while, then back here, then off to Vermont for Dew Tour round 3, then back here for a couple of weeks before I head to Europe on Feb23.

We will be releasing the ninth episode of Winter of Wells next week. The shows taken a re-vamp for 2010, with a whole new look and style, along with the addition of me pruchasing a 5DMKII. We started shooting intros and cut aways today, tomorow we’re gonna start with the riding.

Here’s a few snaps off my iphone and 5DMKII from my journey here.  Taking snaps on the iphone is incredibly addictive, the 3GS camera is great, touch focus is the way of the future.

A traveler checking out the map in Auckland airport.

Air New Zealand was recently voted the best airline in the world. Their inflight entertainment is amazing, one of my programmes will be playing on all international flights from March 2010 for 6 months. Press Release on that shortly.

I always eagerly anticipate the arrival of the sweeties for the decent. Perfect choice, one red, one green eaten at the same time.

NZ2 touched down in LAX

Lil Wayne blasting through the ipod on the connecting flight to Denver.

Denver was surprisingly beautiful to fly over at night. Wish I had my 5DMKII out to shoot the lights!

Train within the Denver Airport.

Meeting up with Jossi Wells. Jossi managed to hit a deer on the way back from Dew Tour in Utah, did some decent damage to the Merc!

Remains of a deer in the bumper.

Jossis been dominating this season. 2nd and 1st in Dew Tour Pipe rounds 1 & 2. Tune into WOW to see exclusive shows with Jossi and friends.

The proportions of food and drink in America never cease to amaze me. This is a 1litre can of Monster available from a petrol station. I hate to think what you would feel like after this!


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