Winter of Wells Episode 9 – Colorado Jibbing

Winter of Wells Episode 9 – Hello Colorado

Well despite everything being against us we somehow managed to put out the first WOW episode for 2010 on time. We had broken cameras, terrible weather, software malfunctions, and sore bodies all to add to the mix. Definitely a challenging start. The episode shows you why Jossi keeps coming back to Colorado, and you get to see him, Andreas Hatveit, Elias Ambuhl, Beau Wells and Jackson Wells as they ski at Keystone and Breckenridge resorts in Colorado.

You’ll be able to find the 2010 shows on almost any action sports website in the world. A google search is probably the best way to locate your preferred site to view them off. I’m trying out an HD upload with this first show for vimeo and youtube, be aware that you can turn HD off at the click of a button if you prefer a faster load time.

The next show episode will be out in just over a week, and will feature content from Xgames. It should be a goodie. We head to Aspen today to start workin!

I’m also pretty stoked to say the two main songs used are by New Zealand Artists, Mikey Rockwell and Kolab. Huge thanks to these guys for their support. There music is rad, go buy it from the links above! Support kiwi music.

Big thanks goes out to Breckenridge and Keystone for helping out too, two of the best parks I’ve seen in a long time.

Filmed, edited and directed by Tim Pierce.


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