Xgames Day1

Jossi deep in contemplation

I’m just writing a quick blog update from the athletes lounge at Xgames. We traveled here from Frisco yesterday and had the first pipe practice last night. Pipe practice is back on right now, and slope this afternoon. It’s gonna be a hectic week of shooting/filming!

Byrons back from Michigan and ready to ride pipe. Pretty dope to have both Wells brothers in the top 16 pipe riders in the world.

I forget the name of this canyon, but Bruce was telling me it was one of the most expensive stretches of road in America to build. Heated highway yeah!

The Wells dragging gear to the athletes lounge. Its always a constant struggle with too much luggage.

The one and only Bobby Brown is here too.

Elias Ambuhl is going to be in the Big Air, and the Slope. This kid has his doubles on lock. Will be interesting to see what happens.

TJ Schiller looks over Jossi whilst Jossi tweets for a solid hour with Allisports questions.

At the top of X pipe. It’s a piece of art, shaped by the one and only Frank Wells.

Token self port at the top of the pipe. It was a very very cold night. Shot a bunch of video on the 5dMKII.

Benny Bright is here too!

And I’d better get out and film some more practice, expect more updates soon.


One response to “Xgames Day1

  1. The name of that canyon. Glenwood Canyon.

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