Dew Tour Sneak Peaks

Vermont has certainly been a unique experience. I can’t believe how incredibly cold it is out east, the people are  characters and in alot of ways it feels like we’ve stepped back a decade in time.

I thought I’d once again give you a few sneak peak stills. These are images from some of the scenes I’ve shot for the next WOW episode ( Due out in a few days ) I’m truely addicted to my 14mm 2.8 lens. Its the perfect lens to have on my 5dmkII whilst its slung over my shoulder when I’m traveling. It means I can carry the camera and drag all my other bags at the same time, ( somehow ) and leaves me open for the spontaneous moments. Next update will have WOW episode 11 and some more stills!

Bruce Wells is a champion. He seems to be able to get by on no sleep and keep all four sons in line. Its very impressive.

Its a constant process of packing and re packing on the road.

Our flight from Denver to Chicago had pretty much all the athletes from Dew Tour and all other crew on it. Byron bros down with Jersey Mike from Allegiance Sports Group.

Jossi and Byron on the Denver – Chicago flight. An unexpected upgrade to premium economy. Surprisngly spacious.

Jossi getting a bit overwhelmed.

The last few weeks have been so hectic. All the Wells have an amazing ability to fall asleep within seconds anywhere. I’m yet to adapt.

On the first day of slope practice at Mt Snow everyone was astounded at how terrible the slopestyle course was. It needed alot of improvement and the athlete meeting was quite heated! Byron Russ and Bruce get stuck in.

The kind folks at GOPRO have given us a couple of their cameras for Winter of Wells. This camera bought you the Jossi follow cam down the Xgames slope course on Byrons head. I’ve also got some car mounts so I’ve been playing around on our F150 for this episode. Also got a few shots of the Mt Snow slope course, although its quite hard to convince riders to wear them in their precious few practice runs.

Once again, Bruce is a legend. Staying up until crazy hours preparing the boys skis.

Jossi at the Nike6.0 team signing.

Byron signing some fans sign. ‘World of Wells’ is this the next step?


3 responses to “Dew Tour Sneak Peaks

  1. damn Tim your photos keep getting better and better and i know they’re just snaps! holy x#@$?, pretty impressive

  2. Thanks Sophie. Yeah they’re just snaps suitable for the blog! Deffo got some other keepers though. Should get some time off the video soon to properly put my canon through its photo capabilities.. yeee.

  3. Really diggin your stuff man. Loving the behind the scenes. Keep it up.

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