Winter of Wells Episode 11 – Dew Tour, Mt Snow

And here it is Winter of Wells episode number 11, coming straight outa Mt Snow, Vermont. This was definitely a challenging episode to shoot coming straight out of the craziest week at Xgames, a hectic Xgames edit, and back on a plane out to the East Coast a few hours later.

The slope course was less than desirable, the pipe was ‘like riding play dough’ and the big air just ended up being a jam. Never the less, the boys made it look good and we got a some bangers.

Yet again I’m super stoked to have used all New Zealand music in an episode. Tunes in this show are courtesy of Mikey Rockwell and SJD –

Music ( In order of appearance )

Artist: SJD
Track: The Witness – Phelps and Munro Remix

Artist: Mikey Rockwell
Track: Mixed Greens

Artist: Mikey Rockwell
Track: Grateful ft Speakeasy & Bjorn

The next installment of WOW, will be coming at you from Europe in a couple of weeks. I’ll be based in Frisco until then catching up on admin and other work!


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