Frisco by night

A couple of nights back, Olympic ice skating was driving me insane so i decided to get off the couch and go for a night time stroll. I took my 5dmkII, tripod and 24-70 2.8 to shoot some long exposures. I love walking around in snow at night. Quiet streets, falling snow, orange street lights, and silence, always a unique experience. I shot a few long exposures and thought I’d share them.

Main St, Frisco

Daunting peaks surrounding Frisco

I climbed up the side of the freeway ( expecting police to come at anytime) but surprisingly managed to hang out here for a while. Strange looks from passing cars always amuse me!

Colourfull light trails from a passing truckie

Empty cross roads

Power lines, snow storm and crazy lens flares.

More power lines.


One response to “Frisco by night

  1. NICE MAN! I love nighttime photos

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