Musician Feature – Mikey Rockwell

I thought I’d drop in with a little piece on the one and only Mikey Rockwell. Recently I’ve used Mikeys tracks ‘Official Rap Kid’ ‘Grateful’ and ‘Mixed Greens’ in the Winter of Wells episode 9, and episode 11. I came across Mikey when he was playing at Rakinoes in Auckland with Kolab. ( More on Kolab at a later date )

Mikey Rockwell.

I am a fan of hip hop, and it just so happens to be a perfect fit for editing with action sports. I was astounded when I came across Mikeys tracks, and couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard them before. Most of his tracks have lots of electro sounds, mixed with decent hip hop beats.  His lyrics flow, and all to often remind me of simple living in New Zealand.

Mikeys Debut Album  – Free Slaves

Mikey has three albums to date, ‘Quintessential Space Travel Guide’, ‘Free Slaves’ and ‘The Freestylin’. Every Album is an experience to listen to, so get on over to and buy some tunes, support NZ music and spread the word. I will be using more of Mikeys tracks in the future so tune in!


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