Tim Pierce // FStop Brigade team

I am stoked to announce that I am now a part of the FStop family. Who would of thought a photographer/filmer could be ‘sponsored’ eh?

Fstop is a company focused on producing quality camera bags and accessories. Their products have been developed over years with input from photographers across several different industries.  They sponsor a few photographers under two umbrellas, the ‘Faction’ team and the ‘Brigade’ team. I’m on the Brigade team and am proud to be rocking there biggest bag, the Satori. Now I’m not going to delve into every specific detail on the bag ( To view this, check out the website ) but I thought I’d share a few of my thoughts.

Me and my new Fstop Satori Bag, cheeseball & ready to roll.

The Satori is an absolute beast. It has a whopping 62 litre capacity, enabling you to fill the bag to the brim with the majority of your kit needed for a days expedition. Whether it be to the city, studio, skatepark, trails or back country pow missions. I went with the all black colour way to keep it stealth. ( Its also available in red ) Ironically having a camera bag that doesn’t look too much like a camera bag is very important to me. If you don’t look too blatantly like a photographer you can sometimes get away with some sneaky images. This bag kinda looks like a mix between a hiking bag/day pack/snowboard bag with a touch of camera bag on the side. Perfect.

After a quick look through the bag, it is very evident that a lot of time has been put into the design. It uses quality fabrics, decent stitching, amazing zips, well laid out compartments/pockets, and a completely removable camera ‘block’ (Simply zip open the top of the bag and pull the entire block out ) A wire frame helps to keep the shape of the bag, and the insert deviders within the block are super stiff, adding extra support for your precious kit. When your spending long days with heavy bags on, it is very important that the bag is comfortable. The shoulder, chest and waist straps on the Satori make your bag seem significantly lighter than it is, and take a lot of pressure off your back and neck.

Above is my Satori packed with some of my photo gear. Canon 5dMKII body, Canon 14mm f2.8, Canon 15mm fisheye f2.8, Canon 50mm f1.4, Canon 24-70 f2.8, Canon 70-200 f4.0, Quantum Qflash T5D-R
( Not pictured, Quantum Freewires, Nikon sb800 flashes, chargers, batteries, filters, ( stored in other pockets )

As I’m traveling a lot, I am constantly re packing my bags entirely depending on what kit I need for a shoot, whether it be photography, video or both. It is important for me to have a versatile bag. Pictured below is how the bag is packed for example, when I shoot the Winter of Wells.

Video re pack, Panasonic HVX200, Canon 5dMKII, Canon 24-70mm 2.8, Canon 14mm 2.8
( Not pictured, Manfrotto Tripod, Microphones, XLR Cord, other canon lenses etc ( Stored in other pockets)

Fstop have a little Bio/Interview on me which you can check out on there site by clicking here.

I also feature in their latest Newsletter. Click here to view the newsletter.

So that’s a little bit of an insight into the Satori, and how I use it. I’m stoked to be working with a company that is all about quality. I will no doubt be acquiring more of there products in the future and will post up my thoughts here. Make sure you go check out there website to see the full range of products, along with very interesting content on other professional photographers.



2 responses to “Tim Pierce // FStop Brigade team

  1. is that XL or Large ICU?

  2. XL ICU ( for those that don’t know, Internal Camera Unit, the block that fits within the bag )

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