Keystone Cat Skiing

A couple of days ago, Byron Wells and I were lucky enough to have the chance to go Cat Skiing on the back bowls of Keystone. Ben Woodworth from Keystone got in touch the night before and invited us along, it was a opportunity not to be turned down!

Keystone Catskiing.

The cat skiing operation at Keystone, allows people to get off the resort and ride private pow runs. You get met by the cat at the bottom of each run and have a very warm, comfortable lift back to the top. Its a pretty amazing service that can drop you at the top of several bowls and tree runs. Unfortunately the weather came in on us, but we still got about half a dozen runs in and a lot of epic turns.

Myself and Byron cruising out in the cat. Note helmets are compulsory when Cat skiing in Colorado!

Eric Willet also came along. Chilling with the rescue dog in the cat!

It feels good cruising out to the back bowls in a nice warm comfortable cat.

Eric and Byron at the top of the first run. It started out blue but by the time we dropped in, the light became flat. Never the less we had a blast.

Byron cruising some turns in grey bird upon the Atomic Bent Chetlers!

Byron ‘farming’ turns for the promo video.

Byron all smiles after pow!

Byron dropping a little shifty 180 just before we called it a day.


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