Back in Austria

Filming Winter of Wells episode 12 intro just as we left Frisco Colorado.

So we arrived in Austria safe and sound. We’re back in the home of Atomic, a country with amazing food, big mountains and a lot of culture. We are here for the Austrian Freeski Open, held at Kitzsteinhorn. Yesterday the boys got a bit of practice in during nice blue bird weather but today the weather has packed in so we’re catching up on things like computer work. ( An interesting fact to note, wireless doesn’t work with most Mac computers in Austria. No idea why ) . Kitzsteinhorn is a huge resort, the top tram reaches 3500m and we were stoked to be back in some big mountains. Tomorrow the semis and finals roll on, and it should be an interesting competition. WOW epi 12 will be bringing the content straight to ya! Here’s some snaps from the travels.

Apple shop and Iphone Apps.

Joss and Byron in Denver airport. We travel with a lot of baggage. Its always such a struggle cramming my computer and camera gear on the plane but somehow it seems to work out.

Jossi & I, Denver Airport. Epic.

This invention in the inflight magazine had me in tears. A wheel designed so that you don’t have to carry your skis across the car park to your heated Gondola.

Byron and Jossi, Frankfurt Airport. Its classic traveling with these guys, at the ages of 17 and 19 they have seen and experienced more of the world than most people get in their lives. They know most airports inside out.


Jossi and I enjoying the first Latte Mochiatto in europe.


German country side

Austrian country side, the snow starts creeping in.

Snowy towns

Jossi and I, just landed in Salzburg, Austria.

Riz and Jossi, crazy gondolas up to Kitzsteinhorn.

Ice Waterfalls in every direction.

Getting er done. The first day it was windy but blue, we got a good idea of our surroundings.

‘Holla at cha boy?!’

No idea.

Brotherly love

We shredded the paddock behind our hotel yesterday. Watch wow 12 for the footy!

Fabian Weber interviewing Elias Ambuhl


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