Austria – > Switzerland

So we somehow made it from Austria out to Laax, Switzerland for the European Open. ( With a car full of junk food and only one speeding ticket ) I’ve decided to release two separate episodes from the Austrian Open, and European Open so you will be seeing Episode 12 very shortly. I’m currently trying to upload it but finding a reliable internet connection when traveling is always a struggle. Here’s a few snaps from the past few days.

I got a decent afternoons work in at the atomic office. So good to have a desk again. Editing off your hotel bed is always hard.

Some Atomic posters featuring my photography from the Catalog shoot in New Zealand last season.

HVX cut aways and the big mountains around Laax.

Part of the slope course for the Euro Open. Byron qualified 4th. Winter of Wells episode 13 will feature the Euro Open.

Byron and Jossi waiting for the Tram

You know your in Switzerland when…


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