Winter of Wells features on Air New Zealand Inflight Entertainment

I’ve been wanting to blurt this out for a while now, and I’m stoked I can finally publish the official press release. ( I wouldn’t of thought I’d be sitting in a press room in Tignes, France writing it though? ) Towards the end of last year I had a few meetings with Air New Zealand and managed to get the 2009 Winter of Wells series on board all there international aircraft from March 2010 for 6 months. I re edited the 8 episodes, into two half hour slots and they are now playing! The official press release is as follows. If you have any questions contact me ( tim(@) ) and spread the news!


The “Winter Of Wells” a video series about four world-class freeskiers from New Zealand, the Wells brothers, is currently featured in the inflight entertainment programme of Air New Zealand. Edited into two half-hour shows, the documentary-style action sports video is available on all international flights.

Jossi & Byron Wells ski at Cardrona in the 2009 series of the Winter of Wells. Photo – Tim Pierce

In the world of freeskiing with its high standard of top-level video productions, the “Winter Of Wells” has been a huge success. The programme that was originally a series of shorter videos mainly intended to run on websites, follows the four Wells brothers around the globe from the highest-level competitions to private film shoots, combining a documentary-style approach to the characters with outstanding action footage. Being the oldest and most successful, Jossi Wells is the main character of most episodes, but 17-year-old Byron Wells and also younger brothers Beau and Jackson are regularly featured. Thus the “Winter Of Wells” is unique record of an extraordinary family’s journey to the world of professional action sports.

Get to know the Wells Brothers through the Winter of Wells – Photo Dan Carr

The idea of the “Winter Of Wells” came from filmmaker Tim Pierce. The 22-year-old from New Zealand has been working in the field of action sports for a while and knew Jossi Wells through sharing their hometown of Wanaka. Inspired from Jossi’s surging success and the ever increasing popularity of freeskiing, Tim Pierce planned the programme around the life of the whole Wells family: “The life of the Wells family is just an amazing story to tell. At the same time it is also the chance to create some of the best skiing images ever produced, so everything came together quite naturally.” Adds the 19-year-old Jossi: “To have a whole video series based on yourself is a great opportunity and a big challenge at the same time. But the co-operation with Tim Pierce turned out to be perfect and the creation of ‘Winter Of Wells’ is actually lots of fun.”

Jossi Wells on his way to winning the 2010 Austrian Freeski Open featured in the 2010 series of WOW.

A programme like the “Winter Of Wells” is also a great way to further increase the popularity of the booming action sport of freeskiing. As this gets slowly discovered by the ski industry, Tim Pierce was able to realise his vision with the help of leading ski brand Atomic. The latest stage of the “Winter Of Wells“ road to success, is now the inclusion of the programme into the in-flight entertainment of all Air New Zealand’s international flights. The industry-leading airline offers connections from many major cities in North America, Asia and Europe to New Zealand and is a premier carrier of tourists to the kiwi islands. The in-flight entertainment is available individually from every seat of Air New Zealand’s international flights and features the “Winter Of Wells” in two half-hour long, re-edited shows. Thus the Wells brothers are now not only world-renowned freeski athletes, but also ambassadors for New Zealand’s booming winter sports tourism.


Jossi, Byron, Beau and Jackson Wells are four brothers from Wanaka, a small town in the outdoor and sports epicentre of New Zealand’s South Island. 19-year-old Jossi is the oldest and already a world-class freeski athlete. This year he has won a silver medal at the X Games in Aspen and the overall title of the Winter Dew Tour. 17-year-old Byron is the second-oldest and already making an impression at the international freeski scene. The whole family is travelling together as much as possible to enable the brothers to ski and train in the best locations of the world, but so far it is mainly Jossi and Byron who spend almost 10 month per year to film and compete all over the world.

Bruce Wells ( Dad), Byron & Jossi in Vermont for the Dew Tour 2010 – Tim Pierce Photo


Tim Pierce is a 22-year-old photographer and cinematographer from New Zealand. His main focus is action sports, where he has been working with many top athletes in freeskiing, snowboarding and mountainbiking over the past five years. Tim Pierce is also the founder of Zeros&Ones, a production and communication company that is the main outlet for his film and photo work, but also specialises in strategic planning and conceptual design. Although rather young, Zeros&Ones already counts several international companies among its clients. To learn more about Tim Pierce and Zeros&Ones, please visit &

Tim Pierce & Jossi Wells filming for Winter of Wells – Photo Pablo Azocar


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