Laax Switzerland – > Tignes, France

Byron Wells after not sleeping and getting ready to drive to France.

Thought it was time for a quick update. We’ve been out in Tignes, France for for the last few days for the Euro Xgames. The last few weeks have been one big blur. Not much sleeping, lots of terrible weather, filming and a few competitions here and there. Here’s a few more snaps from behind the scenes, along with some iphone snaps from my travels.

We spent almost the entire week sitting in an old septic tank ( Literally ) at the European Open. Every game to kill boredom was played.

Any free food was snatched down as soon as possible. Buying anything in Switzerland will leave you broke! Bruce Wells & Gus Kenworthy enjoy the riders food.

This pretty much sums it up. Lots of painful waiting, all to hear that the slopestyle and halfpipe were postponed.

Shay from freeskier deep in contemplation

Peter Olenick

Jeff Schmuck from Newschoolers

Greg Strokes from Oakley

Our Atomic Van, whilst we got lost somewhere in France.

The mountains in France are BIG.

And with that I’d better get back to work. Pipe Finals tonight here at EuroX, and both Jossi and Byron are in there. Kiwis will bring it home!


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