So! I’ve finally made it back to New Zealand.  The last two and a half months have literally been a blur. Winter of Wells 2010 has been a huge success, and I’m super stoked to have had the opportunity to continue to grow the show. I made the mistake of sleeping during the day when I got back to NZ yesterday, so I’ve been up all night and am battling to stay awake for the day today. Time to fight the jet lag with some bloggin.

My last meal in Geneva. Does this look like $35NZD worth of meal to you? Switzerland is crazy.

Another important note. If you are flying Lufthansa you are only allowed one piece of luggage. How ever they do allow one piece of sporting equipment up to 14kg for free. Pitty my board bag weighed in at 25kg.

The tastiest croissant thing I’ve had. Munich

Aside from there stingy baggage allowance, Lufthansa has an almost unlimited flow of Toblerones.

One satisfying moment.

Winter of Wells, side by side with the All Blacks through the sports menu. We’re getting there!


One response to “Jetlagging

  1. BOOM! Well done timbo air new zealand inflight videos! congratz bro ur fukn tearn up. keep the bangers flown

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