Redbull Minidrome

NZ644 Queenstown – > Auckland

Thought I’d give you a guys a few little peeps at screenshots from the Redbull Minidrome event that went down in Auckland on Sunday night. A world first apparently. Chuck 50 fixie riders into a night club with a a tight ply wood track, a few drinks and you’ve got a very interesting night. We’re working on a project with NZgreenroom & Redbull which is where this footage is going. You’ll be hearing about that shortly. We had 2 x 5dMKIIs, 2 x 7ds, an EX and an HVX on this shoot, so the piece should be pretty epic. Here’s a couple of senaks off my 5D.

5dMKII screen shot. I shot alot of plywood art.

Start line detail

The minidrome, 10 laps and your very dizzy.

Fixie under fluorescent

Even got to shoot a band

Rockin out to end the night…


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