Moving on

Auckland looks as if its merely a toy beside this large freight ship.

Thought it was about time for a little update over ‘ere. I’m back in the swing of Auckland life, loving having a desk to work off, and a room to live in again. Have been busy editing a few bits and pieces and tying up loose ends here and there. I’m in the editing room with NZgreenroom & Hyundai from tomorrow until Sunday, followed by a little trip to Melbourne. I’m going over there with a good friend, and professional Artist Rob Tucker to check out the Melbourne Art Fair, plus a bit of a holiday and lots of socializing! Shall be grand. Heres a few snappies.

Iconic Villas and sunny streets in Ponsonby.

My mutant feet and black sands

Nothing like that feeling…

Tippy Toes

The beach is one of the easiest places to completely turn off the brain. Blue skys, puffy clouds and flying hats. Yes.

$3 Takapuna market sunhats, beach shells, lion rock & Hannah Tatton too.


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