The Frowning Clouds Music Video – Purple Heart

Shooting The Frowning Clouds music video for the song Purple Heart in Montsalvat Melbourne.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of par taking in shooting a music video. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while so when the infamous John Waddell suggested I come along and shoot I thought why not! The location for the video was the Monstsalvat, Australias oldest Artists Colony. One of Johns friends pulled some strings and we had a few hours to shoot there during the afternoon, it is an incredible set of buildings. The shoot was very spontaneous and rushed, but a lot of fun. It was refreshing to work on a relaxed shoot with no planning, everyone just got progressively drunker and loosened up. I’ll be very interested to see what John puts together for the clip and will be sure to post it up here when its done. For now heres some screen shots/snaps. Check out The Frowning Clouds music over on there myspace page –

Tambourine man

Tambourine man again


Amazing Balconies

Flying Hats

Pool Scene

Groovin Babes

John and I, last time we hung out we were in our teens and snowboarding in Utah. Oh how times have changed.

Party/Dinner Scene

Dinner Jamming

Purple umbrellas

And to finish up, a snap of Mark Catsburg, who has changed his appearance slightly over the years


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