Red Bull Chronicles Teaser

Red Bull Chronicles Teaser

I thought it was worth posting up the teaser for the Red Bull Chronicles TV show that I’ve been helping out with. The Red Bull Chronicles is an action sports TV show that plays on Saturday, Sky Sport 3 at 8:30pm and Tuesdays, Sky Sport 1 at 7pm with repeats throughout the week. The show is hosted from a studio with Ed Leigh & Amber Peebles and cuts out to stories on Redbull athletes in New Zealand and abroad. I’ve helped out shooting a few of the New Zealand stories, and you can see a few of my shots in the teaser above. I’m stoked to see an action sports tv show in prime time NZ television. The last time I recall this happening, was when I was a grommet watching ‘XSTV’. Oh how times have changed. Redbull are doing so many good things, so make sure you flick on the TV every week and get your fix!


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