Searching for music

Part of Mikey Rockwells set up at the Kitchen Recording Studio

That time of year has rolled around again and its time for me to start searching for music for up and coming video projects! Music is a huge part of my online video work and I’m super stoked to get to spread the music of such talented musicians. I’m looking for a wide range of music, from instrumentals, to rock, to hip hop, to electro, almost anything can fit! I’m always happy to listen through new music. If you are producing music that you think would be suitable, or you know of any music that is suitable please get in touch with me through the following email – ( )


2 responses to “Searching for music

  1. Hey, just wondering what editing program you use for your 5D video files? Im getting a 550D and need to learn something new other that Adobe Premiere.

  2. Hi Rory. I use Mpeg streamclip to convert the footage to ProRes, and then Final Cut to edit.

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