Nick Franklin // Red Bull Chronicles // Behind the scenes

On Monday I got the opportunity to pop along whilst an episode of the Red Bull Chronicles was being filmed, and shoot some stills for Redbull. A piece was being shot on New Zealands FMX star Nick Franklin for an up and coming episode of the Chronicles. We got a stunner of a day down at Nicks farm in Tokoroa and the crew got all the shots in the bag. Although Nicks recovering from injuries he still threw down, so make sure you check the show when it airs on Sky Sports. I can’t show you any of my banger stills, but here’s some behind the scenes photos and video.

Nick Franklin at home

Run in to the FMX ramp straight through the farm gates


Nick getting mic’d up by Chris Kirkham from NZgreenroom

The most enthusiastic film grommie I’ve met, Sebastian Solberg

I need to buy one of these

A couple of video clips off the 5DMKII. Make sure you tune into the show to see the action!

Willie Beggs and I picking cherries

Chris Kirham operating on my custom made RJLow dolly.

Reviewing footage

When you look through the lens and see an FMX bike flying at you, you tend to move pretty quickly.


2 responses to “Nick Franklin // Red Bull Chronicles // Behind the scenes

  1. Nathan Borger

    Hey Tim! looking epic! I was just wondering what lens did you use for the wide angle shots? like the one looking back down on you from the cheery picker?

  2. Hi Nathan, thanks. The lens is the 15mm Canon Fish, on the 5dMKII.

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