Thank – You – Sunday

Yesterday I drove. I drove to places that I’d never seen withmyveryown eye balls before. I drove past people that I never knew existed. I truly recognized what the weekend brings to the suburban community that live the ninetofive. The runners, the walkers, the oldies, the kids & the animals all seemed free from there occupations and had seemingly no expectations at all for what the day would bring.  The moody clouds and Dewey grass seemed to lull everybody into an amazingly leisurely mood.  I looked at the goldfish, I drank coffee, I ate eggs with a cheesy sauce, I played chess, I watched the asian fisherman, I heard the seagulls feet in the water, I rolled around on a bicycle. Thank – You – Sunday


2 responses to “Thank – You – Sunday

  1. Thomas van der Lugt

    Beautiful post Tim amazing photos what camera were they snapped on

  2. Thanks Thomas! Snapped on 5DMKII and my Iphone.

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