Auckland – > Wanaka

That time of year has now rolled around and as the temperature drops I find myself nestled back in my sleepy little home town of Wanaka. Driving down from Auckland is an incredible drive that always produces some unique memories. This time around I had a few days up my sleeve so I was able to spend the weekend in Wellington and enjoy the drive more than usual. You get to think a lot when you’re on the road by yourself and I always find great ideas popping into my head when the speedos tipping over a hundy. The Tekapo straights seem to do great things for the mind. Here’s a few snaps from the road.

First light on the bottom of the North Island, and snow capped peaks on the tip of the South!

Canterbury mud.

Iconic kiwi house


One response to “Auckland – > Wanaka

  1. Thomas van der Lugt

    Amazing images Tim i especially like the shot of the road cyclists

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