Nominate Winter of Wells for best ‘Original Series’ in Vimeo Awards

Team W.O.W – Byron, myself and Jossi.

I have just entered the Winter of Wells into the first ever Vimeo Awards and am reaching out to any fans out there to nominate your favorite episode of W.O.W for the best ‘Original Series’ award. The original series award is to celebrate the best video series produced for internet distribution. Almost all of our episodes are eligible for the award apart from episode 10 & 11 ( As they exceed the 10 minute entry requirements ) So feel free to nominate episode 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,12,13, or 14. You can view the entire series in my Vimeo Album here.

Simply click on the link below to the awards page, paste in the URL (link) of your favorite WOW episode from the WOW Album, select ‘Original Series’ and hit finish –

Vimeo continues to be my internet video channel of choice as it retains the best quality image. There’s been close to 700,000 loads on my channel this year alone from all over the world, its amazing to be able to reach so many people. Thanks for all your support!


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