Home Grounds Episode 2 – Byron Wells

I’ve been shooting with the one and only Byron Wells a lot over the last few weeks. At 18 Byron is the second oldest of the Wells clan and is growing into one amusing character. He has a certain cheekyness and a quick wit which makes him a lot of fun to film with. One of my aims with Home Grounds is to really bring out the riders personalities without it being too forced. We decided to ski pipe at first light, take the boys new sled for a few laps, and then go do a bit of freeskiing in a little fresh. You’ll notice some cheeky little in bounds lines there that I’ve been wanting to shoot for a while. Once again, same old mountain with new stories and angles. See episode 1 with Will Jackways here. Below are some snaps from shooting Home Grounds episode 2 from my iphone, if you follow my twitter/facebook you may of already seen these!

Shooting the intro with Byron on the 5DMKII

Me with Jossi/Byrons Sled, this thing is amazing.

Me shooting Byrons freshie lines. The HVX200 is worth its weight in gold with a really nice zoom and focal length. Also by far the most ergonomic camera i’ve used. I usually pack two bags for the hill, one with the HVX and one with the 5DMKII.

Pizza from the Captains cafe is essential, butter chicken. Look out for the next HG epi soon.


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