CCT TV Commercial Shoot

The face of the Canterbury Tourism commercials, Phil Keoghan. Amazing race exec producer, and 7 times emmy award winner. One inspirational, talented and quick witted man.

Over the past week I had a great opportunity to explore Canterbury and work in a new area of my industry, shooting TV Commercials. Amanda Jenkins, a Producer from AJ films bought me in as 2nd DOP/DIR on the week long shoot that covered a lot of Canterburys iconic locations. As with any shoot it’s the team that you work with that can make it a memorable experience. We had a great mix of talented crew from Australia and New Zealand, which combined with some good luck with the weather made for an amazing time. I had the pleasure of working with Callan Green who was DOP/DIR. A kiwi who lives and works out of Sydney who has a very impressive portfolio under his belt. If you’ve been following my facebook/twitter you will have seen some snaps from my phone, to follow this are some snaps off my camera below. The six commercials we shot will be played in Australia, combined with a 3 minute web video which tells stories from all the locations we visited. I’ll be sure to post that up here when its been through post production.

Possibly one of the best A Frames in New Zealand at Roundhill.

Tekapo Airport as the crew prepare to head to the Tasman Glacier.

E Type Jag at Kaikoura

The owner of the E-Type Jag was Gail Anderson’s [creative director] Father in law Robin Rapley

On set. We shot the commercials/web campaign on 2 x Canon 5DMKIIs with various glass and accessories. The camera continues to amaze me.

Nins Bin is amazing. We all left extremely full.

The owner of Nins Bin produced one of the best lines of the week during an interview, ‘More wrinkles than inches’

Our Production Manager Leilani Tomaszweksi

Our location scout Graham Thompson. One incredibly entertaining character who knows every little nook and cranny of the South Island. Stories for days.

GT and our soundy Tim Brott standing in, in preparation for our night shoot in Sol Square

Agency producer Nic Leggett

Tim Brott, nippy morning on the port hills

Sunrise shoot

Gail Anderson, Phil Keoghan and Amanda Jenkins wrapping the shooting at Pegasus Winery.


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