Behind the scenes of 20/20

Over the last year I’ve exchanged a few emails with Sonya Wilson, a reporter from 20/20 discussing stories and eventually one came into fruition. The 20/20 crew escaped Auckland to come down and hang out in Wanaka in early August for a few days to shoot a story on the Wells family, Winter of Wells and even a little face time on my self. It was a pleasure to have the crew down and I’m excited to see there finished story. The story is airing on TV2 on Thursday 26th of August at 9:30pm. I filmed a few behind the scenes clips which will appear in the next episode of the Winter of Wells, and here’s some photos as a sneak peak too.

Beau Wells, injured but still on the hill for the story

From left, Byron, Jossi, Jackson

Camera, Sonya, Jossi

Byron getting the shot

Alan Barnes producing

Jossi,Byron,Jackson Portraits

The Cardrona park crew were on hand to maintain the boxes. Where would we be without Antony Piggins?

Bruce and Jossi in the Wells Garage with the Atomic Punx

Bruce Wells tuning

Joss, drillin.

Beau watches on as Stacey and Bruce Wells go under the spotlight in the Wells family home. Make sure you tune in –
TV2 Thursday 26th of August at 9:30pm


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