World of Wells Wrap Up

The World of Wells, from left – Byron, Beau, Jossi and Jackson.

On Saturday the 21st of August 2010 a large portion of the skiing community in Wanaka gathered together in formal attire, to stroll across the red carpet and attend the World of Wells, a celebration for Jossi Wells – the Wanaka local who has completely dominated the world of free skiing, becoming our very own world champion. We didn’t really know what to expect or who was actually going to turn up, but the townhall was packed to the brim with not one over sized tshirt or baggy jeans in sight. The evening consisted speeches, bands, slideshows, kareoke, auctions and I even got to show some footage from Winter of Wells on the big screen. A huge thanks to all who attended, a bunch of money was raised for the Wanaka ski club. I was hectic running around trying to film, photograph and play my footage so I only had time for a few quick snaps, check out the next WOW episode for footage from the red carpet.

Amongst the clowns is a life sized cut out of Jossi. We shot a photo at his house and Wanaka Signs put the cut out together. I’m sure some interesting photos will pop up on the web!

A small portion of the crowd downstairs

Some of Jossis favourite images from photographers Dan Carr, Nate Abbott & Matthias Fredrickson lined the walls

The red carpet trailed right up to the stage

Clowns getting down on the dance floor

Jossi signing off.


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